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New Release Coming Soon

Im so humble and joyful to announce a new solo release coming after 8 years. Mostly recorded during my visits to my family in Bogota, Colombia, where I was able to connect with the local scene and with an amazing group called Phonoclorica, who fusion afro-pacific music with jazz and pop. In 2016 we went into the studio with a mission to record one song for the peace process plebiscite happening at that time in Colombia. The connection was so powerful that we ended up recording 4 songs in one day. We released one for the peace process called "Vuelve a Nacer" which ended up been winner of the International Songwriting Competition in the Latin Category. The other 3 were left on hold as I was busy working on other projects. But the right time has come during this Isolation for this EP to be completed! Can't wait to show you all. Thanks always for your love and support.

Artwork by Katherine Gailer

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